The Process

Storage is simple at Sturdy Box Storage. To reserve your portable storage unit, take two minutes to fill out the request form. We’ll get your information and then contact you and let you know when we can deliver your Sturdy Box to your address. Let us know if you want to keep your storage container at your property or ours. We will drive, deliver, and unload your Sturdy Box at your commercial or residential site quickly, often within 24 hours. If you opt to keep your storage container at our location, we can load your Sturdy Box level so that none of your belongings tip over or fall.

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Container Specs

All of our portable storage containers are 8 ft. high, 8 ft. wide, and 16 ft. long, providing you with optimal storage without taking up more room than a parking space.

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Where It’s Stored

At Sturdy Box Storage, your convenience is our top priority. Some customers prefer to keep their portable storage units on our property to conserve space. Others prefer the convenience of immediate access by keeping their Sturdy Box on their property. We are happy to store your unit at our location or yours.

Movers Available

Need a professional moving company to load your Sturdy Box? Look no further. Sturdy Box Storage is your one-stop storage shop, offering all the services you need for your portable storage unit.

Pricing - We'll Beat Any Price

Please call for pricing on delivery, pick-up, and monthly storage costs.

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If you are looking for a portable storage unit from a reliable company near Tyler, TX, you’ve found it. Reserve your Sturdy Box today by filling out the form on our reservation page, and we will contact you and deliver your Sturdy Box as soon as possible.

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